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Decades ago in Indianapolis, respected fertility specialist Dr. Donald Cline ran a small women’s health clinic helping hopeful patients conceive babies through sperm donations when husbands struggled with infertility issues.

However, as later investigations uncovered, Dr. Cline shockingly abused his esteemed position and trust with many of those vulnerable couples trying to become parents during the 1970-80s era. The appalling revelations led to surprising discoveries about Cline’s own unconventional secret family started via exploitation.

So exactly how many biological children did corrupt Indiana physician Donald Cline criminally produce covertly? Just how vast is the physician’s donor offspring group piecing together their shocking origins years later through consumer DNA testing breakthroughs?

Donald Cline Fathered Over 50 Children as a Sperm Donor

As confirmed in shocking news exposés, various victim lawsuits, plus the riveting Netflix documentary Our Father, disgraced Indianapolis reproductive endocrinologist Donald Cline is believed to have secretly fathered at least 50 children and even more descendants via his own sperm donations in the 1970s-80s.

Cline consciously substituted his semen during countless “anonymous” donor artificial insemination appointments instead of sourced donor specimens as parents intended for their hopeful fertility treatments.

Through deception and fertility fraud at his respected IU Health clinic, the deviant doctor managed spawning this enormous group of offspring related solely to himself – all without the mothers’ informed consent regarding his intimate genetic additions.

Online DNA Testing Helped Expose the Truth

Largely estranged from one other growing up unknown outside Cline’s clinic influence, a shocking truth gradually surfaced over recent years as affordable consumer DNA tests became popular for people tracing health risks and ancestry.

As Cline’s secret adult-aged children started inputting genetic material into public databases seeking biological family connections, they began matching with alarming regularity as close half-siblings sharing the same father – Donald Cline.

Horrified to learn this rogue physician violated their mothers and so many innocent families well beyond normative sperm donation boundaries, Cline’s victims united to uncover further facts.

Their perseverant genetic sleuthing through testing services like 23andMe combined with extensive obituary data searches kept confirming more nieces, nephews, and unknown donor siblings emerging related to just one man – the malicious Dr. Donald Cline from Indiana.

Outrage Led to Investigations & Criminal Charges

As Cline’s concealed children notified authorities about discovering their tied paternity to this fertility fraudster, criminal investigations ultimately charged the doctor in December 2016 on two counts of felony obstruction of justice for lying about his abhorrent deeds despite overwhelming evidence confirming secret genetic relationships.

Prosecutors proved at least eight separate women were deceptively inseminated during appointments spanning 1979-1986 in Cline’s plot playing biological god.

Even when directly confronted by suspicious adult-aged offspring, the disgraced physician still insisted falsely that he only ever used outside sperm banks or medical resident donations – never touching patients personally.

Yet DNA doesn’t lie. Genetic markers across dozens of victims clearly revealed Cline as the sole biological father confounding all his firm denials. Science cemented the shocking betrayal.

After much public outrage and two obstructing justice charges pressed in criminal court, defiant Cline received zero jail time somehow – just a suspended sentence with measly fine instead. But grave emotional damage and ethical violations remained regardless.

FAQs About the Donald Cline Sperm Scandal:

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions regarding Donald Cline’s disturbing fertility betrayals against patients for his own warped interests:

How many children has Donald Cline admitted to fathering secretly?

Despite DNA confirmation across 50+ individuals and generations, Cline only publicly acknowledged inseminating approximately “eight to ten mothers” outside ethical norms. But true counts likely stretch past 70+ offspring based on investigations.

Has Cline apologized or shown remorse?

Not at all. The dishonored physician maintains he did no wrong while arrogantly dismissing victim trauma as inconsequential. His continued defiance compounds the abdomen betrayal.

Where is Donald Cline currently?

Presumably still residing around Indianapolis, Donald Cline permanently forfeited his medical license following these criminal charges and ethical violations coming to light. His whereabouts largely remain elusive and unpublicized.

Have all of Cline’s secret children been identified?

Likely not. Experts estimate at minimum 50 offspring conceived but probably more yet undiscovered since confirming matches requires mutual consumer DNA test participation across networks. The family’s true extent stays murky.

What ultimately became of Cline’s fertility clinic?

His branded clinic was absorbed and closed during various IU Health mergers over the 1990s. The facility itself has long shuttered though Cline’s tainted legacy irreparably haunts their system given massive fallout from his past pathology practiced under their watch.

In conclusion, through his insidious exploitation of infertility patients desperate to conceive, former Indianapolis fertility maverick Dr. Donald Cline managed secretly producing an enormous brood of over 50 sons, daughters and even grandchildren via his own sperm used to inseminate countless women without consent. Only consumer DNA testing decades later exposed this appalling truth about the doctor’s double life. Though Cline denies wrongdoing, science and victims confirm his dark reality.

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